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Instrument equipment 

  • capillary gas chromatographs equipped with all common types of detectors (FID, MS).
  • liquid chromatographs for gradient as well as isocratic elution combined with common detectors (RID, fluorescent detector, UV/VIS).
  • instruments for capillary electrophoresis.
  • UV/VIS spectrometers with changeable wavelength and possibility to scan spectra.
  • extraction system SoxtecTM System 2043 (Foss).
  • automatic titrator DL F&B (Mettler Toledo).
  • laboratory press and ripper Instron 5544 (Instron Ltd.).
  • instrument for determination of oxygen permeability of polymer packaging materials OxTran 2/20 MH (Mocon Inc.).
  • instrument for determination of gas permeability of polymer packaging materials L 100-5000 (Lyssy).
  • analyser of atmosphere composition Chech Mate 9900 (PBI Dansenzor).
  • instrument for testing of integrity of packages Leak Pointer (PBI Dansenzor).
  • climatic chambers for storage samples at temperatures from –50 °C to 100 °C and relative humidity from 20 % to 90 %.
  • Micrometer L&W 051 (Lorentzen & Wettre A.B.).
  • digital refractometer Krüss DR 301-95.


For non-accredited methods IPL can utilize wide range of unique instruments which are possessed by other laboratories in the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague.

Updated: 12.10.2014 23:34, Author: Lukáš Vápenka

Independent packaging laboratory
of UCT Prague
Testing laboratory No. 1316 by Czech Accreditation Institute according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025.
UCT Prague, Department of Food preservation
Technicka 3
166 28 Prague - Dejvice
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